Terms of Service


Application Process:Commission applications will usually open through forms where you will fill your application. In case you're looking for something that is not listed in the forms, please feel free to contact me directly via email.Applying for a commission or a quote is always free and you won't be charged anything if I have to decline your commission.
Once I have confirmed your initial commission request, please make sure to reply in a timely manner (within a couple of work days is preferred) or I will consider your slot abandoned and will pass it to someone else.

General TermsI will draw:Furry (anthro and feral) animal based characters.
Fantasy creatures like centaurs or werewolves or animal based humans.
Fantasy stuff.
Blood, gore, candy gore
Couple scene commissions (LGBT+ friendly).
Private commissions.
Artistic nudity or soft NSFW. Kink friendly, but ask first.
Experimental commissions or artistic freedom.


Once the first draft has been accepted by the client, I will send them an invoice for the payment.All payments are to be made in USD
Partial payments are possible, but full payments are preferred.
Full payment is due after sketch approval.
If the sketching process is dragging out considerably due to constant alteration requests, I reserve the right to add the additional cost to the commission total.

I usually work based on a monthly or bi-weekly queue upon commission openings, so you can expect your commission to be finished within 4 weeks of application if not stated otherwise. The wait time might vary based on queue and complexity of the commissioned artwork. For the artwork to be delivered in a timely manner, I expect smooth communication. I am not responsible for delays caused by delayed communication from the client's behalf.
The client will receive the completed digital product via Drive link delivered by e-mail once the commission has been approved and payment has been completed in full. An unwatermarked high resolution version as well as resized versions suitable for online sharing will be provided. The client will be responsible for storing the product on their devices. I will usually delete the PSD files eventually, so edits past this point can't be done.


The client retains all rights to characters of their own creation used within the commissioned work. The customer retains rights to repost the commissioned work for a non profit manner. The customer is allowed to alter the work (i.e. cropping, adding text, using as an avatar/icon etc.). Giving credit is appreciated, but not required.The client is allowed to publish the watermarked web version given to them freely and, if they desire, a desktop watermarked image can also be offered of their commission.The client must ask I, the artist, for permission before other artists can modify the artwork (ie coloring linework/turn it into a vector logo). The other artists must abide by my terms of Copyright or discuss the purchase of reproduction rights if they wish to sell reproductions of the modified image.


If the commission is canceled either by you or me, I will give you a refund of the initial payment, minus the work that has been done so far.Refunds will be transferred as soon as is reasonably possible. In the event that I have
insufficient funds on my PayPal to refund immediately, the first following earnings transferred to my account will go towards the refund.
First time customers are always required to pay full amount after a sketch has been 100% approved. Returning customers who are considered trustworthy are granted partial payments, once for the sketch, and once upon completion before receiving the full resolution image.A full refund can only be given to a commission not yet started. The client will receive that artwork completed to the point of cancellation. I may use or alter the uncompleted work at my discretion, which could mean reselling the image to replace the client’s character with another and finishing it, or selling prints.


Major drawing changes can only be made at the sketch/concept phase and each complete revision of the drawing requested by the client tags a $10 fee. (Example, if illustration/icon/etc. is at 95% and a huge change is requested.) Requests for smaller changes throughout the coloring process are such as a color change, are free.If the client is slow to respond (2+ days) to progress-dependent questions or payment plans their commission becomes low priority and is not subject to any deadlines or completion before newer accepted clients.If any unforeseen external circumstances delays progress on the client’s commission beyond the three week period I will notify the client. Upon completion of the commission I send the client a preview or full resolution file of their image depending on completion of payment. The client gives the final approval/any unfinished payment and receives a web publishable image as well.